Saturday, 9 July 2016

CoNatural Saffron Complexion Builder & Restorative Eye Gel

Hey there girrllss! I have been loving CoNatural's organic products lately so I was absolutely thrilled when I received this package from CoNatural some time ago. It contained the Saffron Complexion Builder along with their Restorative Eye Gel. I put both products to the test immediately. Let's see how they are turning out!

Saffron Complexion Builder

This face gel is made of Saffron and Indian Madder. Both these products are known for their skin lightening and brightening properties. 

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Okay, first of all, let's take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the packaging. The box comes enveloped in exotic, colourful flowers which are such a treat for the eye. If you're like me, then you'd buy the product for the packaging before you even know what it is :P

The gel comes in a black glass pot with a gold, screw on lid. It has a sticker with the name on it. The combination of black and gold looks absolutely elegant!

This is what the face gel looks like. It is brown in colour and has a funny consistency; almost like that of watery jelly. It also has a very strong scent of saffron, which took me by surprise the first time I opened the lid.

As per the box instructions, I first wash my face properly then apply this gel once before sleeping then also after I wake up. It is supposed to be massaged in an upward direction. I find that the product absorbs quickly and leaves a very sticky finish which lasts for a few seconds. However, this dries soon after. The gel makes your face feel a tad bit stiff once it has dried completely. 

It has been over two weeks now that I've been using this Saffron Complexion Builder regularly. I must say I have noticed my skin is looking brighter and fresher. There used to be a very stubborn pimple mark on my forehead and cheek and both of them have become lighter.

I would definitely recommend this product, especially for summer time when sun-tanning is at its peak!

Restorative Eye Gel

This eye gel consists of Indian Madder and Aloe Vera which work to soothe the eye area.

Once again, the box is just to die for. It also contains two elaborate sections explaining the product usage and benefits.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. I find that one pump is enough for both eyes. 

It has the same colour as the Saffron Complexion Builder though the consistency is thicker. It doesn't have a very noticeable scent.

I don't have a very bad case of eye bags or dark circles so I can't say how this eye gel would fare in that department. However, I do have fine lines under my eyes but I can't really tell much of a difference before and after using this eye gel. But I do love the fact that this gives a slight cooling sensation when applied. I like to put this in the fridge before application, however, I am not sure whether it is okay to do so. 


I am really impressed with the Saffron Complexion Builder. I can't wait to see more results as I continue using it regularly. I will also keep using the eye gel to see if it does anything with prolonged usage. 

If you liked this review and want to try out these products, hurry up and find these two at CoNatural's Website!!


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